Faculty Job Ads 2023

3 Faculty Positions Available for Fall 2023

We are hiring for 2 Biostatistics Assistant Professor Positions and one Statistics Assistant Professor Position to start in Fall 2023.  Click here for more information.

Job Ads


There are multiple options, both inside and outside of the University, for statistics tutoring.

Listed below are graduate students who have notified us of their interest in tutoring others. Please note that they will likely charge a fee for their services. Contact them for more information.

Name Will Tutor Contact Information
Amir Hamid
  • Calculus and real analysis
  • Classical ODEs and PDEs
  • Mathematical statistics
  • First course number theory and combinatorics
  • Intro physics
  • Intro computer programming
  • Intro computer networks courses

Phone Number: 786-385-1085

Email: ah21bk@my.fsu.edu

Miranda Mathewson Willing to tutor any 1000 or 2000 level class except STA 2122 Email: mm21cn@fsu.edu
Palmer Swanson Will be willing to tutor for most undergraduate courses EXCEPT STA3024 & STA3064 Email: pjs21c@my.fsu.edu


FSU also provides information on tutoring services at:  https://tutoring.fsu.edu/

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