There are many people available to help answer your questions. Please refer to the following table to decide with whom you should speak.

Virtual Zoom Links for Drop/Add Week
Spring 2022

Natalie Webster (Graduate Advisor) Virtual Drop-In Hours

Wednesday (01/05) - Friday (01/07) & Monday (01/10)

10am – 12pm & 2pm – 4pm:   Meeting ID: 965 2316 3730


Samuel Hanson (Undergraduate Advisor) Virtual Drop-In Hours

Wednesday (01/05) - Friday (01/07) & Monday (01/10)

8AM – 11am, & 1pm – 3pm:  Meeting ID 930 8675 8266


Contact for the following:

  • To change your current major to Statistics.
  • To add Statistics as a second major.
  • To add Statistics as a minor.
  • To resolve mapping holds or discuss other mapping issues.
  • To drop Statistics courses during the first 7 weeks of classes.
  • For application information about FSU's Statistics/Biostatistics graduate program.
  • To resolve course enrollment issues (closed/reserved sections).
  • To discuss graduate school options.

Contact Dr. S. Ramsier ( for the following:

  • If you are a prospective student and would like to discuss the Statistics major.
  • To discuss course selection for the Statistics major.
  • To make sure you are on track in fulfilling requirements for the Statistics major or minor.
  • If you have issues, concerns, or other needs for discussion about your coursework or progress in the Statistics major.
  • To discuss the SAS certificate program.
  • To discuss general questions about statistical professions.
  • To discuss general options after graduation.
  • To discuss enrolling in or progress toward the combined B.S./M.S. 5-year program.
  • For information on undergraduate research/Honors in the Statistics major.

Contact Prof. R. Bose ( for the following:

  • If you have issues with an introductory Statistics class that is taught by a teaching assistant and have first spoken with your instructor in an attempt to resolve the issue, but failed to come to a resolution

Contact either Undergraduate Studies or the College of Arts and Sciences office for the following:

  • For advising while on academic probation.
  • To discuss issues on readmission.
  • To drop a course after the end of the 7th week of classes.
  • To handle other special circumstances.

Freshmen and sophomores: Undergraduate Studies in UCA-3400 -

Juniors and Seniors: College of Arts and Sciences in 10 Longmire -

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