Undergraduate SAS Certificate

Undergraduate SAS Certificate

The Florida State University Department of Statistics offers a certificate in SAS Programming and Data Analysis. The certificate involves taking courses from the Department of Statistics and completing a portfolio of selected coursework.

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  1. Prerequisite
    • An introductory statistics course such as STA2023 or STA2122 offered at FSU.  This can be an intro course taken at a different institution, a course with a significant statistics component in another discipline (e.g., economics or sociology), or a probability/mathematical statistics course.


  1. Application
    • An application must be submitted before completion of the second course in the certificate program.  No Exceptions!
    • Applicants must have student status (degree-seeking or non-degree).
    • The application involves supplying student information, the prerequisite course taken, and a plan of study listing courses anticipated to be taken for the certificate.
    • Only online applications are now accepted (see the link in the Application section below).


  1. Coursework

To earn the certificate, you must complete the following core course:

  • STA 3024 SAS for Data and Statistical Analysis

and any three of the following elective courses:

  • STA 3064 Statistical Models Using SAS
  • STA 4202 Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments
  • STA 4203 Applied Regression Methods
  • STA 4664 Statistics for Quality and Productivity
  • STA 4702 Applied Multivariate Analysis
  • STA 4853 Time Series and Forecasting Methods
  • STA 4173 Biostatistics
  • STA 4930 Special Topics in Statistics*
  • STA 4931 Statistics in Practice

* Course topics/names will vary. You must check with the advisor to see if a particular offering is eligible for SAS certificate completion.

All of these courses are three credits and you must earn at least a B- in all four courses.

  1. Portfolio
    • A student portfolio will be created from select assignments from each course.
    • The work will be compiled in a binder that includes four tabbed sections.  Each section will contain the work from one specific course.
    • At least one tabbed section must contain an extensive course project.
    • More portfolio details may be found here. 
    • The portfolio will be due before the last week of classes in the semester that you plan to receive the certificate.
    • Upon completion of the coursework and favorable review of the student portfolio, you will receive a certificate suitable for framing and your transcript will be modified to reflect completion of the certificate.

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  • The application must be submitted to the program before the end of your second course.  No Exceptions!  If the first two or more courses are together in a particular semester then the application is due before the end of that semester.
  • The application is an on-line form and can be accessed here
  • You will be notified concerning approval status via email shortly after your application is evaluated (this can take up to one week).  

The SAS Certificate and the Major or Minor in Statistics

All of the courses taken for the SAS certificate may also be counted toward the department requirements for a major in statistics. The statistics major consists of a total of 33 credits and the SAS certificate courses can contribute 12 credits to this total. Therefore, the certificate courses count for more than one-third of the department requirements for a major in statistics.

The SAS certificate is the equivalent of a minor in statistics. That is, if you complete the coursework for the SAS certificate, you qualify for a minor in statistics.

For more information on the requirements for a major in statistics, visit the statistics undergraduate web page.

The certificate credential is not intended as a diploma or a degree.


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