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60th Anniversary

Fall 2016 Events

On September 16, our faculty had a welcome lunch for our two new professors, Dr. Jonathan Bradley and Dr. Yun Yang, at the University Club. Photos are courtesy of Dr. Elizabeth Slate.

From left to right: Wei Wu, Jinfeng Zhang, Debajyoti Sinha, Adrian Barbu, Eric Chicken, Elizabeth Slate, 
Fred Huffer, Jayaram Sethuraman, Jonathan Bradley, Robert Clickner, Antonio Linero, Xu-Feng Niu, 
Yun Yang, Debdeep Pati, and Qing Mai.


From left to right: Debdeep Pati, Yun Yang, and Xu-Feng Niu


From left to right: Elizabeth Slate, Yun Yang, and Xu-Feng Niu

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