We are pleased to inform you that the Florida State University (FSU) College of Arts and Sciences and the Departments of Computer Science, Mathematics, Scientific Computing, and Statistics have created a new M.S. Degree in Interdisciplinary Data Science (CIP Code 30.7001) to begin in Fall semester of 2021. This exciting new program will provide students interested in data science a unique and broad educational experience across the four concentration areas. Students will select a concentration amongst the following four disciplines: Computer Science, Mathematics, Scientific Computing, and Statistics. The program requires at least 30 credits and 16 months to complete a course-based degree (3 academic semesters). Students will complete a series of core and elective courses. The core courses will provide students with a solid starting point in mathematics, machine learning, statistics, data ethics, and databases. Elective courses, selected by the student together with their advisory committee, will define their specific major (Computer Science, Mathematics, Scientific Computing, or Statistics) within one of the four concentration areas. The program faculty conduct research in data science or integrate data science into their research, teaching, and community activities. They will help the students complete a program tailored to their unique interests and personal goals. Students will acquire specialized and highly valued skills sought-after by government and industries seeking to capitalize on the era of Big Data to streamline their operations, better serve their customers, and reduce cost while maximizing profit and benefiting from a new influx of skilled graduates. Sectors where these skills will prove indispensable include data information processing, financial services, epidemiology, public health, survey research, airline and auto industries, real estate, online retail, and many more.    All students in this new program are self-paid.

For the Major in Statistics,

The following prerequisites are required for an M.S. Degree in Interdisciplinary Data Science with major in statistics:

Calculus 1 and 2, one course in Prob and Math Stat, and one course in Applied Statistics (STA 2122 or equivalent).

Course Plan: Blue color courses are the core courses.

Data Science, Major in Statistics (Tentative Curriculum. Total 30 credit hours)

Fall Year 1

Spring Year 1

Fall Year 2

Mathematics for Data Science (3)


Machine Learning (3)
STA 5635

Elective (3)

Introduction to Data Science (3)

Data Mining (3)

Elective (3)

Applied Regression Methods (3)
STA 5207

Data Ethics (2)


Elective (3)

Professional Development (1)


Elective (3)