Graduate SAS Certificate

The Florida State University Department of Statistics offers a certificate in SAS Programming and Data Analysis. The certificate involves taking courses from the Department of Statistics and completing a portfolio of selected coursework.


  1. Prerequisite
    • An introductory statistics course such as STA2023 or STA2122 offered at FSU.  This can be an intro course taken at a different institution, a course with a significant statistics component in another discipline (e.g., economics or sociology), or a probability/mathematical statistics course.


  1. Application
    • An application must be submitted before completion of the second course in the certificate program.  No Exceptions!
    • Applicants must have student status (degree-seeking or non-degree).
    • The application involves supplying student information, the prerequisite course taken, and a plan of study listing courses anticipated to be taken for the certificate.
    • Only online applications are now accepted (see the link in the Application section below).


  1. Coursework

To earn the certificate, you must complete the following core course:


  • STA 5066 Data Management Analysis with SAS


and any three of the following elective courses:

  • STA 5067 Advanced Data Management and Analysis with SAS
  • STA 5168 Statistics in Applications III
  • STA 5179 Applied Survival Analysis
  • STA 5206 Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments
  • STA 5207 Applied Regression Methods
  • STA 5238 Applied Logistic Regression
  • STA 5244 Clinical Trials
  • STA 5666 Statistics for Quality and Productivity
  • STA 5707 Applied Multivariate Analysis
  • STA 5856 Time Series and Forecasting Methods
  • STA 5939 Introduction to Statistical Consulting

* Course topics/names will vary. You must check with the advisor to see if a particular offering is eligible for SAS certificate completion.

All of these courses are three credits and you must earn at least a B- in all four courses

4.  Portfolio

  • A student portfolio will be created from select assignments from each course.
  • The work will be compiled in a binder that includes four tabbed sections.  Each section will contain the work from one specific course.
  • At least one tabbed section must contain an extensive course project.
  • More portfolio details may be found here
  • The portfolio will be due before the last week of classes in the semester that you plan to receive the certificate.
  • Upon completion of the coursework and favorable review of the student portfolio, you will receive a certificate suitable for framing and your transcript will be modified to reflect completion of the certificate.

Frequently asked questions 


  • The application must be submitted to the program before the end of your second course.  No Exceptions!  If the first two or more courses are together in a particular semester then the application is due before the end of that semester.

The application is an on-line form and can be accessed here.   You will be notified concerning approval status via email shortly after your application is evaluated (this can take up to one week). 

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