Q: What services are offered by the Statistical Consulting Center?

A: The Center provides advice on a wide variety of topics ranging form choosing research design to analyzing data and interpreting results. Although our primary emphasis is on statistical methodology, we do provide, at some level, advice on almost all research-related activities.

Q: Does the the Center provide computer assistance?

A: Our assistance, at this time, does not include such activities as data entry, programming or debugging computer runs. The Computing Center offers these services. However we will help users decide what computer packages to use or assist them in interpreting computer printouts.

Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

A: Contact the Consulting Center by emailing consult@stat.fsu.edu.

Q: What if all appointment times conflict with my schedule?

A: If your schedule should prohibit you from attending a regularly scheduled time, then you may be able to make alternative arrangements with the consultant.

Q: What information will be useful to my consultant for our first meeting?

A: At least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time, visit our main office and fill out a short Request for Assistance Form. This form will provide your consultant with a brief overview of your research activities and statistical needs. To get the most out of your first meeting, we recommend that you bring along any information that will help your consultant better understand your questions; e.g., parts of what you have written (Introduction, Methods, Results), printouts or graphs, data you've collected, other relevant studies, etc.

Q: How much statistics will I need to know?

A: We expect our clients to have a working knowledge of some basic statistical methods. What you may need to know (or learn about) will depend on what questions you would like to your research to answer. Our consultants will help you explore your options.

Q: What will my first session be like?

A: Your consultant will introduce him/herself to you and ask you some general questions about your research and what you would like to accomplish during your first session. Before your meeting, your consultant will have read your Information Form and whatever supporting information you have supplied. The primary purpose of the initial session is to help you clarify your statistical questions and identify your research needs. Then, we will work to answer your questions.

Q: What if I need more help after the first session?

A: You are welcome to make an appointment for a second session. Our assistance is not limited to face-to-face consulting; in fact, a large part of our communication with our clients occurs via the telephone or email.

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