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We are hiring for 2 Biostatistics Assistant Professor Positions and one Statistics Assistant Professor Position to start in Fall 2023.  Click here for more information.

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Fall 2017 Syllabi

Fall 2017 Syllabi

Providing a copy of the syllabus for the website is at the discretion of the instructor, so all syllabi for the department may not be available.

Course Section Title Instructor Syllabus
STA1220 -- Introduction to Designing, Conducting and Analyzing Surveys Dr. Eric Chicken STA1220
STA2023 16 Fundamental Business Statistics Bradley Hupf STA2023-16
STA2023 17 Fundamental Business Statistics Mike Kyungmin Ahn STA2023-17
STA2023 18 Fundamental Business Statistics Disa Yu STA2023-18
STA2023 19 Fundamental Business Statistics Disa Yu STA2023-19
STA2122 15 Introduction to Applied Statistics Qiusheng Chen STA2122-15
STA2122 16 Introduction to Applied Statistics Peng Zhao STA2122-16
STA2122 18 Introduction to Applied Statistics Peng Zhao STA2122-18
STA2171 01 Statistics for Biology Tingting Hu STA2171-01
STA2171 02 Statistics for Biology Jing Zeng STA2171-02
STA2171 03 Statistics for Biology Thomas Johansen STA2171-03
STA3024 -- SAS for Data and Statistical Analyses Dr. Steven Ramsier STA3024
STA3032 -- Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists Minjing Tao STA3032
STA3064 -- Introduction to Statistical Modeling with SAS Dr. Steven Ramsier STA3064
STA4102 -- Computational Methods in Statistics I Dr. Wei Wu STA4102
STA4203/5207 -- Applied Regression Methods Dr. Adrian Barbu STA4203/5207
STA4321/5323 -- Introduction to Mathematical Statistics Dr. Jinfeng Zhang STA4321/5323
STA4634/5635 -- Applied Machine Learning Dr. Adrian Barbu STA4634/5635
STA4664/5666 -- Statistics for Quality and Productivity Dr. Steven Ramsier STA4664/5666
STA4702/STA5707 -- Applied Multivariate Analysis Dr. Vic Patrangenaru STA4702/STA5707
STA5066 -- Data Management and Analysis with SAS Dr. Dan McGee STA5066
STA5106 -- Computational Methods in Statistics I Dr. Wei Wu STA5106
STA5166 -- Statistics in Applications I Dr. Xu-Feng Niu STA5166
STA5168 -- Statistics in Applications III Dr. Antonio Linero STA5168
STA5198 -- Epidemiology for Statisticians Dr. Elizabeth Slate STA5198
STA5326 -- Distribution Theory and Inference Dr. Fred Huffer STA5326
STA5934 01 Python for Data Science Dr. Jinfeng Zhang STA5934-01
STA5934 03 Applied Longitudinal Analysis Dr. Debajyoti Sinha STA5934-03
STA5939 -- Introduction to Statistical Consulting Dr. Xu-Feng Niu STA5939
STA6346 -- Advanced Probability and Inference I Dr. Eric Chicken STA6346
STA6468 -- Matrix Algebra and Optimization for Statistics and Machine Learning Dr. Yiyuan She STA6468
STA6709 -- Spatial Statistics Dr. Jonathan Bradley STA6709