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3 Faculty Positions Available for Fall 2023

We are hiring for 2 Biostatistics Assistant Professor Positions and one Statistics Assistant Professor Position to start in Fall 2023.  Click here for more information.

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Fall 2016 Syllabi

Fall 2016 Syllabi

Course Section Title Instructor Syllabus
STA1013 03/06 Statistics through Example Jeffrey Nielson STA10130306
STA1013 04 Statistics through Example Jeffrey Nielson STA101304
STA1013 07 Statistics through Example Wenjing Wang STA101307
STA1013 08 Statistics through Example Pengpeng Wang STA101308
STA2023 01 - 12 Fundamental Business Statistics Prof. Radha Bose STA20230112
STA2023 14 Fundamental Business Statistics Jinchan Qu STA202314
STA2023 15 Fundamental Business Statistics Jason Cleveland STA202315
STA2023 16 Fundamental Business Statistics Kyungmin "Mike" Ahn STA202318
STA2122 01 - 12 Introduction to Applied Statistics Prof. Radha Bose STA21220112
STA2122 13 Introduction to Applied Statistics Ruiyi Zhang STA212213
STA2122 18/23 Introduction to Applied Statistics Yuqing Pan STA21221823
STA2171 03 Statistics for Biology Tingting Hu STA217103
STA2171 05 Statistics for Biology Xiaoyang Guo STA217105
STA3024 -- SAS for Data and Statistical Analyses Dr. Steven Ramsier STA3024
STA3032 -- Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists Dr. Minjing Tao STA3032
STA3064 -- Introduction to Statistical Modeling with SAS Dr. Steven Ramsier STA3064
STA4102 -- Computational Methods in Statistics I Dr. Wei Wu STA4102
STA4203/5207 -- Applied Regression Methods Dr. Adrian Barbu STA42035207
STA4321 -- Introduction to Mathematical Statistics Dr. Yun Yang STA4321
STA4321/5323 -- Introduction to Mathematical Statistics Dr. Xin "Henry" Zhang STA43215323
STA4634/5635 -- Applied Machine Learning Dr. Adrian Barbu STA46345635
STA5106 -- Computational Methods in Statistics I Dr. Wei Wu STA5106
STA5168 -- Statistics in Applications III Dr. Antonio Linero STA5168
STA5172 -- Fundamentals of Biostatistics Dr. Naomi Brownstein STA5172
STA5198 -- Epidemiology for Statisticians Dr. Elizabeth Slate STA5198
STA5066 -- Data Management and Analysis with SAS Dr. Dan McGee STA5066
STA5238 -- Applied Logistic Regression Dr. Dan McGee STA5238
STA5326 -- Distribution Theory and Inference Dr. Fred Huffer STA5326
STA5934 -- Nonparametric Bayes Methods Dr. Debdeep Pati STA5934
STA6709 -- Spatial Statistics Dr. Jonathan Bradley STA6709
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