Travel Requests

What is a travel request?

A travel request is a form submitted by the department to the travel department that outlines your travel and is submitted before your travel begins. It's important for a few reasons. First, it gives the department an estimate of how much money you will need to be reimbursed, and allows the funds to be set aside for you. Second, it lets the department and the University know where you're going to be, in case you need to be contacted. Finally, it gets the ball rolling for you to get your reimbursement more quickly.

Most departments use a travel representative to submit travel requests. Currently, the travel representative for the Statistics Department is Danice Stetson. Your responsibility as the traveler is to provide her with the information needed to submit an accurate-as-possible travel authorization. This is best done by using this form.

The form provided requests quite a bit of information, but not all of it will apply to your trip. Please keep in mind that at this stage, everything is assumed to be estimated. If you are unsure of exactly how much something is going to cost, that's okay! Every bit of information on this form can be changed after your travel to reflect what you actually spent, so don't worry if you actually spend more or less than you expected.

If you wish to submit the form yourself, you would do so by logging into your Concur profile located under the "MyFSU Links" section of your MyFSU homepage. Please click here for step-by-step instructions provided by the FSU Controller's Office. Be sure to click "Submit" once you have entered your travel request.