Registration Fees

How do I get reimbursed for my registration?

Getting reimbursed for your registration is simple, but there are a few things to watch out for. Always be sure to provide your registration receipt, preferably an itemized one. This is because there are some parts of a registration fee that cannot be reimbursed.

Any add-on packages to your registration fee cannot be reimbursed. This includes things like a banquet or a special outing, but excludes things such as presenter's fees and necessary workshops. For example, if the event you're attending has an optional $50 fee for an invitation-only banquet, you cannot be reimbursed for it.

Some events provide meals for those who have registered. These meals are included in the registration fee and do not cost extra. If meals are provided by your event, please let your travel representative know, as you will not be eligible for a separate reimbursement of those meals.

The FSU travel department also prefers to have a copy of the event's program or agenda. This is to make sure all the facts match up with the expense report. If possible, submitting a link to an online program or agenda with your receipts makes it easier for your travel representative to include this information with your expense report.


Another thing to keep in mind is that the University is very interested in your activities. When submitting your travel plans to the department, let us know why you're going to the event. Are you presenting research? Accepting an award? Making a speech? We want to know! FSU is very proud of the professors and graduate students they employ, and of course they're interested in why they should be footing the bill.