Other Charges

What else can I be reimbursed for?

There are many different things that are eligible for reimbursement. Among these items are parking fees, tolls, taxi fares, portage, laundry, currency exchange fees, and passport/visa fees.

Parking fees are reimbursable as long as it's necessary, such as hotel parking, airport parking, or event parking. If your fee is less than $25, a receipt is not required. Tolls are reimbursed in the same fashion.

Taxi fares also do not require a receipt if it was less than $25. Tips are also reimbursable up to 15% of your fare.

Portage is reimbursable when necessary at a rate of $1 per bag for a maximum of 5 bags.

Laundry, dry-cleaning, and pressing expenses are reimbursable if your travel exceeds seven days and the expenses are necessary to finish the official portion of your trip. This is good news if you accidentally spilled something on your suit, but not if you need your swim trunks washed! Receipts for this service are not required if your cost is under $25.

Currency exchange fees are also reimbursable. It is easiest to provide this information by using your credit card statement. Your travel representative will black out your other expenses and any personal information that happens to be provided.


Sometimes during your travels you will need an emergency item, such as a print job you didn't anticipate or an essential item for a presentation. These expenses are called Non-Travel Expenses, and are processed separately from the rest of your travel expenses.

If you know you will need something printed before you travel, please arrange to have it printed before you leave. FSU has a contract with the on-campus UPS store. This means that if you print your item anywhere else prior to your trip, you will not be eligible for reimbursement for the print job. Please contact your office manager if you need help arranging a print job.