Car Rental

How do I get reimbursed for my car rental?

FSU has a contract with Enterprise, meaning that it is preferred that all rental cars be rented exclusively through them. As a result of our contract, FSU employees and even students get discounted rates, even when they are not traveling on official FSU business. However, the terms are specific, and not following them can mean denial of reimbursement for your rental car.

If you are interested in using a rental car for your trip, reserving a car through Enterprise is easy. You can either contact the FSU liaison with our Contract Number, or you can contact the office manager to help you arrange a rental car. Using the Contract Number should ensure you receive the proper discounts, and includes insurance.

When reserving a car, FSU will only reimburse you for the price of an compact sized car. The only exceptions are if you are traveling with a large amount of research equipment or with multiple people affiliated with FSU. Size nor stature is considered an exception, nor is unsavory weather conditions.

If using a rental car, FSU will only reimburse you for gas purchases. Make sure you keep the receipts from your travels and provide them for us at the end of your trip. Please note that FSU requires you to return the rental car to Enterprise with a full tank; they will not pay any fees associated with returning the car without being filled up.

For your convenience, there is an Enterprise location right on campus! They are located on the first floor of the Call Street Parking Garage (520 W College Ave). They offer a variety of services, such as a variety of vehicles, complimentary “We pick you up” services (from main and SW campus with 24 hour advance notice), 24-hour roadside assistance, and pricing available for both business and leisure travel (in accordance with the State of Florida Agreement).