There are multiple options, both inside and outside of the University, for statistics tutoring.

Listed below are graduate students who have notified us of their interest in tutoring others. Please note that they will likely charge a fee for their services. Contact them for more information.

Name Will Tutor Contact Information
Anwesha Mukherjee STA 2033, STA 1013, and STA 2122

Email:  a.mukherjee@stat.fsu.edu

Phone: (850) 443-7840

Apurva Bhingare STA 1013 and STA 2023

Email: a.bhingare@stat.fsu.edu /  bhingareapurva@gmail.com

Phone: (850) 300-9971

Idris Demirsoy SPSS, STA 1013, STA 2023 and STA 4321

Email: id15d@my.fsu.edu

Phone: (573) 529-2470

Carlos J. Soto STA 1013, STA 2023 and STA 2122

Email: cjs15g@my.fsu.edu

Phone: (773) 803-2957

Hou-Cheng Yang All undergrad-level statistics courses

Email: hy15e@my.fsu.edu

Phone: (850) 591-0943

Mingyuan Wang All undergrad-level statistics courses

Email: bruce.wmy@gmail.com

Phone: (248) 525-0857

Piyali Basak STA 2122, STA 2023, STA 1013
I can help you with R programs or calculator instructions if required.

Email: piyali.basak@stat.fsu.edu

Phone: (850) 443-4252

Xiaoming Dong STA1013, STA 2023, and STA 4321

Email: x.dong@stat.fsu.edu

Phone: (850) 688-8719

Yang Xue STA 1013, STA 2023 and STA 4321

Email: y.xue@stat.fsu.edu

Phone: (850) 688-8720



In addition to on-campus tutoring, there are outside organizations willing to help. Please visit the websites below for more information:

Parliament Tutors: www.ParliamentTutors.com (305) 982-7728

Chegg Tutors: www.chegg.com/tutors

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